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Thank's for visiting us!!! Metanoia Beauty School, It is a pleasure to meet you:

Our company specializes in permanent makeup at various levels, piercing, tattoo, eyelashes, eyebrows, extensions, well as beauty product distributors.

Distributors and instructors semi-permanent and permanent makeup at various levels, professional tattoo, body piercing, etc..experienced since 1994.

The goal of our company is the total beautification of human beings, we want you to feel good inside and with your makeup to embrace it, you are very important to us!

Let us tell you a bit on what is professional permanent makeup?:

Professional permanent makeup is one that must be done according to the design of your face, that is taking into account your attributes or more important areas in where you would like to illuminate. Permanent makeup is not to "age" but to rejuvenate. Which person wouldn't want to look good and therefore "feel good"? 

From the moment you've made the important decision on having this cosmetic procedure've made us feel the big commitment to make you feel good.

Permanent makeup should be performed by qualified personnel with the expertise to serve you as you deserve. This is why micropigmentation technicians and instructors do these kinds of procedures on your skin because we have all necessary certifications and licenses to assist you and give the best of us. Permanent makeup is done in technical and indistinct shapes to people of either sex, and as for creed, nationality or color. This is why we specialize in your natural beauty.

Would you like to excel and gain new goals to succeed?, call us and gladly we will give you the information necessary to achieve this. 

At your service at (708) 314-0356 [email protected]

Learn the best from the best!!!

About us:

We are a company specializing in human growth and learning different and new areas of beauty, as well as the distribution of all kinds of beauty products. We are registered distributors company consolidated and transnational found around the world, such as:

We are registered distributors and certified instructors in:

-Permanent Makeup Workshop

-Permanent Makeup Advanced Workshop

-Permanent Makeup Feather Touch Workshop

-Permanent Makeup MICROBLADING Workshop

-Paramedic Workshop

-Instructor Workshop

-Basic Piercing Workshop

-Advance Piercing Workshop

-Updated Workshop

-Pathogen Certification


-Lash Extensions

 -Lash Perm-Tint for Lashes, Eyebrow, And Beard

-Scalp Micropigmentation

We distribute all types of jewelry for piercing, earrings, forceps - Eyebrow Extensions and more.

We distribute all types of beauty products.

Contact Us:                             [email protected]

It would be a pleasure to assist you .